Omnitude LLC

Where ideas go from thoughts to realization


Mission of the project

Omnitude LLC is a hive of startup business activity. Multiple transformative and innovative ideas are being conceived, incubated, developed and brought to the market through Omnitude. In the next 2 years Omnitude aims to launch more than 10 start up ventures. Stay tuned.


Disrupting Online Dating

Current dating apps are designed to serve the needs of greedy corporations - not the users. Users are kept engaged with wrong matches to maximize the revenues. We are going to break that model.

Disrupting HR

Businesses lose about $450B a year in USA alone due to wrong hiring decisions. A key aspect not paid attention to during the hiring process is the key reason for this wastage. We know how to solve it. 

Disrupting Advertising 

Consumers indirectly foot the costs of multi-billion dollar advertising spend by businesses and manufacturers. There is a better model which can benefit both the consumers and producers.

Disrupting Airlines

Airlines have been miting money and consumers are being taken for a rough ride - literally and figuratively. Stay tuned to see how we will flip the operating model upside down.



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